What are Freshplugs?

Freshplugs was an archaic way to build third-party integrations and customizations on top of the out-of-the-box offerings in Freshservice. Freshplugs worked by inserting custom javascript in product pages. Today with inbuilt enhanced features and one-click apps in our marketplace, our users can replace Freshplugs with native functionalities that evolve with the product. 

Why are we deprecating Freshplugs?

Freshplugs deprecation is an integral part of Freshservice's architectural modernization. Freshplugs do not evolve with the product, and Freshplugs' capabilities cannot be enhanced with time. Freshplugs deprecation will help:

  • Provide low code or no-code platform for users to build and launch the application quickly
  • Avoid hindrances in application performances during major releases 
  • Bring forth more capabilities across different modules along with the flexibility to customize them
  • Ward off constant maintenance and audits  

What are Modern alternatives?

Most common Freshplugs capabilities are already present as feature enhancements within the product, such as Business rules, closure rules, and many more. We have also developed marketplace applications to fulfill the need for customization and integration with common apps such as Google Drive, TeamViewer, and more. Here is the list of Freshplugs and their Modern alternatives:

Modern alternative
Show/Hide or disable Ticket propertiesBusiness rule
Auto-populate ticket propertyBusiness rule
Login/user role-based property visibilityBusiness rule
Restrict closure/resolution of tickets on non-completion of tasksClosure rule
Show additional requester informationDetailr app
Remove agent ability to edit due by timeTicket due by property customization
Group based from email in reply forwardCustomize from an email app
HighriseHighrise app
TeamviewerTeamviewer app 
Add logo to reply/note/forward redactor as a signatureSignature management plus app
Make asset association mandatoryBusiness rule
Restrict closure/resolution of tickets on non-entry of timeClosure rule
G drive integrationGoogle drive app
Auto-start timerAuto-start timer app
Predefined text in the ticket descriptionSignature management plus app
Contract Timer/ Freshplug to show contract details on ticketContract management app
Hide view more on ticket descriptionExpand ticket description
Update parent ticket when the child tickets merged Parent-child synchronization app
Change the child ticket status whenever the parent ticket status is changedParent-child synchronization app
Clone tickets Clone ticket app
Change requester of child ticketsRetain requester app
Reverse conversation order for ticket trail Ticket conversation customization app

If you cannot find a modern alternative to Freshplugs in the above list or face any issue configuring the above, please feel free to raise a ticket on

How to uninstall Freshplugs after configuring the modern alternative in your account?

On your Freshservice account go to admin>apps, if you have active freshplugs you will find the Freshplug tab as below:

You will find delete icon against each of your Freshplug, you can go ahead and uninstall.