Highrise CRM app 

An agent must know the additional requester information to resolve their queries faster. The contextual requester information available in Highrise CRM  can seamlessly flow in Freshservice to be consumed by agents while resolving the ticket. This app needs you to have an account with Highrise. You need the following details to install the app:

  • Highrise API Token (To get Personal Access Token from Highrise account, go to Account and settings -> My Info -> Integrations 
  • Domain name - Update the domain name(For example, if it is freshservice.highrisehq.com , then enter Freshservice) and API Key on Freshservice while installing. 
  • Make sure that there are no trailing/leading spaces. - You'll be redirected to the Apps page and informed about the status. 

Once the integration is set, agents at Freshservice can view the Highrise CRM contacts details of the customer who raised a ticket. The customer details are displayed right next to the ticket, so this gives the agents context regarding the customer's queries.


If you cannot find a modern alternative to Freshplugs in the above list or face any issue configuring the above, please feel free to reach us at support@freshservice.com.