Update parent ticket when the child tickets merged and change the child ticket status whenever the parent ticket status is changed

The conversation on the child ticket is not visible on the parent ticket unless the child ticket detail is being checked and vice versa. To save the efforts of switching between tickets to get holistic information, you can automatically synchronize child ticket details on parent tickets with this marketplace app. To install the app, go to admin>apps>parent child synchronization app>Provide domain and API key (you can find your API key in your profile settings in Freshservice)

Once the app is installed, any context on the child ticket will be pushed to the parent ticket in the form of a private note or reply and vice versa. 

A private note will be pushed on the parent ticket when the child tickets are merged, or status is changed. Learn more 

If you cannot find a modern alternative to Freshplugs in the above list or face any issue configuring the above, please feel free to reach us at support@freshservice.com.