Show additional requester information with Detailr app

While resolving a requester query, the agent must know details about the requester. Some requester properties are specific to a business, so agents need to consume them while resolving tickets right away. You can easily select custom/default fields for the Detailr user widget, which will appear on the ticket details page with default and custom properties associated with requester/accounts. 

For example, if you need a requester home address to appear on the ticket details page, a custom property. You can create the custom field for the requester and add it to the Detailr user widget while configuring the application. Detailr widget will eliminate the need for an agent to switch to the contact details page for more information about the requester. The Detailr user widget will appear on the ticket details page, new tickets page, and contact details. Read more

Navigation: admin>app>search for “Detailr”

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