Ticket due by property customization app

Agents can extend/edit due by time on the ticket details page. To ensure that agents cannot change the service level agreement on ticket page, you can use ticket due by property customization application. The application will remove the option to edit the due by time on the ticket details page while also ensuring response time/resolution time is highlighted in red for the agents to notice. Read more 

You can Navigation to admin>app>search for “ticket due by property customization.”

You can customise whether you want to keep editing access to off from everyagent or a few. If you need few agent to still view editing SLA option on tickets. You can omit those agent from the settings as below:

Once this is installed you will find the edit option for the agent is no longer available on ticket page:

If you cannot find a modern alternative to Freshplugs in the above list or face any issue configuring the above, please feel free to reach us at support@freshservice.com.