Auto start timer app

Track time each agent spends on a particular ticket for effort analysis; the auto timer app eliminates the manual process of starting and ending the timer based on status. To configure this, you need to go to admin>apps>auto timer app. You need to provide your account basic details such as account subdomain and API key to configure the integration. Now you can quickly set the process with status. You can define the trigger to start the timer based on status and similarly end the timer. You can add an auto timer for both tickets and changes.

Once the configuration is set, as soon as you will select the trigger status, time will start and automatically once time end status is updated"time taken" will display right beside the ticket.

For tickets on the right-hand side widget, you will automatically see the time taken to resolve the ticket as soon as you mark the status at the end of the timer. If you cannot find a modern alternative to Freshplugs in the above list or face any issue configuring the above, please feel free to reach us at