Note: Freddy Copilot is currently in Beta on the Pro and Enterprise plans. Starting February 5, 2024 Freddy Copilot will become a paid add-on and move out of the Beta phase. Learn more about the pricing here.

Are your frontline agents drowning in rote and mundane tasks that are keeping them away from tackling high-priority issues? 

Introducing Freddy Copilot, designed to equip high-performing IT staff with Generative AI-powered assistance to increase agent productivity, automate responses, and drive consistency of services.

Where can you find them?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Freddy AI > Freddy 
  2. Enable the toggle for features you want to explore.

Capabilities to unlock productivity 

Reply suggester 

Enable agents to quickly respond to tickets with auto-generated replies that are sourced from help articles maintained in your knowledge base. Replies are curated according to the issue reported and are summarized from relevant help articles that match the issue. 

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Ticket summary generator 

Through the course of a ticket’s lifecycle, multiple communications occur over ticket replies that capture key decisions and milestones. Enable agents to quickly generate a summary of how a ticket was resolved by capturing the consolidated context from all ticket responses. 

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Help article generator 

Auto-generate solution articles from public sources and existing tickets to deflect commonly occurring issues. 

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Conversational service desk actions

With Freddy-AI, agents can now do everyday tasks in a simple, conversational way. Agents can save time and focus on work that matters, while the mundane work is handled by Freddy as instructed by them.

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Note: The Gif is for representation only. Some of these actions will be supported in the near future. 

Similar Incident Suggestions

Identify similar tickets raised about the same issue and resolve tickets better with context to reference. 

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Field suggester

Save time by assigning ticket field values. Auto-categorize tickets by assigning the right parameters with AI-powered suggestions.

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Resolution note generator (Available from Feb 2024)

Agents can now create resolution notes for each ticket to aid quick references and faster service delivery. Resolution notes are internal documents that detail the steps to reproduce an issue, the troubleshooting process, and other relevant information. They're incredibly helpful for assisting agents with similar problems.

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Writing assistant 

Enable effective communication by optimizing the quality, tone, and clarity of written content in the service desk. Learn more


Freddy Copilot: Available in only the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese Brazilan, Dutch, Swedish, and Spanish LATAM. Similar incident suggestions and Conversational service desk actions are not multi-lingual at the moment.