Note: This beta is currently available only on the Enterprise plan and is supported only in English.

Agents spend valuable time crafting responses to repetitive queries that are readily available in your knowledge base. Our automatic reply suggestor feature analyzes incoming queries and suggests relevant responses based on your knowledge base content. This means agents can quickly select pre-populated responses instead of starting from scratch for commonly asked questions.

  1. Ensure you have a well-built knowledge base with solution articles for common employee queries. Click here to understand how to create a knowledge base in Freshservice. 

  2. Navigate to the ticket details page and click ‘Reply’ under the conversations tab. 

  3. You’ll notice the ‘Generate response’ button for the automatic reply suggestion. 

  4. Freshservice generates a suitable response based on the ticket details and availability of knowledge articles. 

  1. After reviewing the suggested response, click on ‘Send’.