Creating relevant and pointed help articles is critical in promoting and improving self-service. But writing help articles involves research, drafting, reviews, and more that involves time and resources. Therefore service management teams deprioritize help article creation over other high-value work, and hence miss out on deflection and self-help opportunities.

With Freddy-AI, your service management teams can draft their articles instantly. Using Freshservice’s generative-AI-powered help article generator, auto-generate articles on any topic of your choice from publicly available sources of information and existing service desk tick. 

Where do I find it?

  1. Navigate to your Knowledge base on the admin portal. 

  2. Click on New article.

  3. Enter the topic for which you want to generate an article. 

  1. Click go. The Article generation starts. It might take a few seconds. You can start adding the article properties

  2. Once generation is done, the article title and content will be visible. You can make any further changes needed and publish it. 


  • This feature is available only for admins, account admins, and SD Supervisor. Access to other roles can be granted from the Roles module, in the solutions section.

  • Currently the content is generated from public sources and existing service desk tickets.