One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in managing a service desk is assigning the right parameters to the incoming tickets. By setting the right category, impact, type, etc. you can redirect tickets to the right person/team and get them resolved at the earliest. 

Although it only takes a few seconds per ticket on average for a service desk manager to set the right values, things could quickly pile up owing to the volume of incoming tickets. Bridging this gap can shorten the first response as well as the resolution time. 

Field suggester powered by Freddy uses Machine Learning to suggest field values to incoming tickets. The algorithm learns from previous tickets and suggests field parameters such as category, sub-category, item, and group. The user can simply approve the suggested parameters, or make changes if necessary. 

Configuring Field Suggester

  1. Navigate to Admin > Freddy AI > Freddy 
  2. Enable the toggle for features you want to explore.

3. Switch on the toggle button next to Enable Field Suggester

  • Fields that are available for prediction will be listed. Add or remove fields from the list to enable predictions

How to get Field Suggester Enabled?

Your account should have at least 100 tickets a month for the Machine Learning model to make effective predictions. Once an accurate model is available, your account’s administrator will be notified via email.

Prediction Mechanism

Our machine learning algorithm learns from how your tickets fields are set, in the background and applies the suggestions to the incoming tickets. Suggestions are made only if the algorithm’s prediction confidence is greater than 80% 

Viewing and Applying Predictions

After setting up, the ML engine will start predicting fields in tickets. Tickets that have field predictions can be viewed under the view Tickets with Freddy Suggestions, designed specifically to view. If you wish to see the predicted fields, 

  • Click on the ticket of your choice and toggle freddy suggestions on to see all the predicted fields highlighted in blue.

  • Review them and click on the Update button to replace the default values with the predicted ones.

  • Note that the predicted values are mere suggestions, and are not saved in the database. You can also compare the current default values with the suggestions and update the fields accordingly.

  • You can “accept” the suggestions, by clicking on Update.

  • If the prediction is inaccurate, you can still set the field with the right value. The Machine Learning model will periodically be refreshed to re-learn from the updated values. 

Disabling Field Suggestor

If you wish to disable the feature, kindly follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  1. Navigate to Admin > Freddy AI > Freddy.
  2. Disable the Field suggester toggle.
  3. You can also remove the fields for which you’d like to stop predictions.