Some organizations choose to keep their Status Page private. This means that the Status Page would be accessible only to verified subscribers. This article will help you understand how to manage those subscribers. 

Step 1

Head to Admin >>> Status Page >>> Manage Subscribers

Step 2: Add subscribers

You can add subscribers either in bulk via a CSV file or manually by typing in their email addresses.

Note: Subscriber limit is 10,000 for customers on the Pro plan, and 25,000 for customers on the Enterprise plan.

Import subscribers in bulk

You can import subscribers in bulk by uploading all email addresses via a CSV file. Click on the three dots next to New Subscriber and select Import Subscribers.

Add subscribers manually

You can add one or more subscribers by typing out their emails. Click on New Subscriber, type out their email address, and select the services that they need to be subscribed to.

Step 3: Double Verification

Freshservice provides double verification for adding a subscriber to Status Page. After you add a subscriber, they would receive an email asking them to verify their email address. Only if they click on the given link to confirm that the given email address is indeed their and is correct, will they receive status updates. 


Step 4: Email Notifications

Your subscribers would want to be notified about incident development. Configure email notifications for subscribers by heading to Admin >> Email Notifications.

Scroll down and configure the conditions based on which your subscribers would receive email notifications.

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