Note: This designer is currently available only for the home page and will be available for all other pages soon. 

With service management cutting across teams and functions, organizations need touchpoints that can be created by anyone. With end-user portal being one of the primary touch-points, making it codeless democratizes portal creation enabling anyone and everyone to build portals in no time.

With Freshservice’s no-code portal designer, skip bulky code management to create accessible, localized portals the no-code way. The graphical user interface is easy to use and  build customized portals quickly with no prior technical expertise needed. 

Here’s why you’ll love it

An easy-to-use codeless designer for anyone to create

You do not need to understand HTML to create a portal that your employees love. The no-code portal lets you drag and drop elements, position them, and update their properties, all with a few clicks, to get the job done. 

Skip lengthy code and design portals quicker

Save hours spent writing lengthy code to customize your portal. Adding and editing elements on the home page is now codeless and quicker with everything you need available on a single page.

Built by anyone, for everyone

With previews and responsiveness supported by default, create portals that work across any device. Adding accessibility attributes (ARIA attributes) and translations is now easy and quick with dedicated fields that merely have to be updated.

What’s new?

Custom sections with widgets

Add custom sections with column templates ranging from 1- 4. Create a unique portal experience by customizing each column with a combination of widgets to add - text, images, buttons, and cards.

Placeholders for personalization

Personalize the text on your home page by adding variables, that dynamically change based on who is accessing the portal.

Placeholders that can be added:

Syntax highlighter

While modifying portal design over and above the GUI editor, the syntax highlighter helps you spot errors with hints. 

Page switcher

The sticky navigation bar with a drop-down list of pages helps you quickly switch between the pages you want to edit. You can find this at the top-left of your portal editor.

ARIA attributes for accessibility 

Adopt accessibility guidelines easily by using the Graphical portal designer.

What’s getting better?

Preview as you update

Break the tedious cycles of writing code, saving it, and then previewing the changes. Get the true “What you see is what you get experience” by being able to see how your portal looks as you update it.

Better manage colors and fonts

Customize with the right colors and hues by adding RGB values, HSL values, and hex codes to pick colors. You can also pick a color from the screen using the color picker. With the new font dropdown, see the font appearance along with its name.

Add translations on the go

Adding translations is now easier and code-free. Select the text that needs translation and add the required localized versions. Based on your employees’ language preferences, the portal text is translated.

Responsive by default

All the elements added / edited using the portal designer are responsive across devices (PC, tablet, phone screens) by default. No additional code is required to achieve responsiveness.

Add images at ease

Skip uploading images on servers to add links in your code. You can now upload images directly from your computer and Freshservice will save them securely on its servers.

Where do I find it?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Service Desk Rebranding

  2. Click on the button “Customize portal”

  3. You will see the GUI designer for the portal home page

Getting started with No code portal