The Conversational UI, a legacy version of the requester portal, used as a self-service tool will reach its end of life on May 1, 2024.

Why are we discontinuing the Conversational UI requester portal?

The Freshservice team will be focussing their efforts on supporting and enhancing only the latest version of our support portal, and our interfaces through collaboration platforms like Slack and MS Teams.

What will change with this discontinuation?

The conversational UI requestor portal will no longer be available for users to interact with the service desk. Users will be redirected to the non-conversational interface of the support portal.

Who will be impacted by this discontinuation?

If your employees currently use the legacy Conversational UI interface of the support portal for their everyday requests and interactions with Freshservice, you will be impacted by this discontinuation. 

What can you do?

You can choose from any of the following options: 

Freshservice No-code portal

Virtual Agent

Freshchat Integration

Use the Freshservice Support portal and make it your own with our intuitive no-code customization capabilities.

No-code Designer Portal

Leverage our Virtual Agent which offers support within collaboration apps like Slack and MS Teams.

Explore our Freshchat widget integration within your Freshservice portal at a small additional cost, and get live chat support.

Freshchat Integration 

If you have specific use cases that you would want us to help you with, please reach your customer success manager, or write to us at

Note: If you’re using the MSP Mode, and you’ve enabled multiple customer portals, the Slack/MS Teams Servicebot cannot be used. You can use our no-code portal or explore the Freshchat integration.