In today’s norm, service delivery has grown into a high-impact function in most industries. On that note, the planning and execution of service management projects are done as meticulously as every other project in the organization.

With the new-gen project management in Freshservice, execute your service management projects to a tee, by planning them end-to-end using a modern and intuitive project management solution. Let your ITIL modules work hand-in-hand with Project Management to deliver high-quality service management projects.

If you are interested, here is a link for in-depth new-gen project management walkthrough: Link

Where can you find it?

To get started with the project management module, navigate to it from the side nav by clicking on the projects icon, and select Projects.

Getting started with Project Creation

What are project templates?

Service management involves a lot of repetitive and identical projects spanning specific functions. To save time, you would want to templatize these projects to quickly create them for specific functions. Here’s where you can make use of project templates.

With project templates create predefined project skeletons and task lists involved to deliver specific projects.

To set it up,

  • In the projects module, click on Project Template
  • Now click on New template.
  • Enter a name and description for your project and choose if it’s a software or a business project. You can also choose the visibility for this template.

  • Now you can add all the tasks needed for this project, as you create it

  • You can also clone existing project templates to create new ones by clicking on  and selecting Clone.

  • You can choose to clone the template with tasks and members.

Note: You can save projects as templates and reuse them when required.

Creating a new project

In Freshservice, you can create a project in three different ways:

  • Create from scratch

  • Create using template

  • Create from tickets, problems, and changes

To create a new project using a template

  • You can also create a project from the New menu on the top navigation.

  • Enter the Name and description of the project.
  • Choose the start and end date.
  • Choose the project type, based on which you can view project templates under a particular type. If you choose a template first, the project type of the template is automatically selected.
  • You can also choose the project manager and project visibility.

From Scratch

  • To create a project from scratch, skip the selection of a project template during project creation. 

  • You can now create a new project with your own set of tasks and sprints.

Create project from tickets, problems, and changes

With project management in Freshservice tightly coupled with service delivery, you would need to create projects from incoming tickets, problems, or changes to directly associate them with the tickets’ context. To do this,

  • In the associations section of your ticket, problem or change, click on associate and select project.

  • You can either create a new project with the respective tickets associated with it or associate the ticket with an existing project.

  • You can also associate a new/existing task instead of a project from the tickets. 

Associate tickets, problem, change, and asset with the project and project tasks

Now project members can associate existing tickets, problem, change, and assets with the projects and project tasks in new-gen project management.

More details: Link

How to import Project tasks?

Go to the designated Project, then access Tasks. Click the three dots at the top right and choose the import option to bulk import project tasks.

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