Boards let you organize your work like sticky notes that you can move across columns. They give you a clean, visual overview, with the same power of a project in the List View. You can add items to your board, drag and drop to move your work around and track it through multiple stages.

There are two ways you can customise your Kanban board:
1) Column Customization. Know more on column customization here.
2) Card Customization

Now let us explore more on Card Customization.

Project admins or Account admins (those who have the 'manage projects' access) can now define and choose the information that will be displayed on the cards in the ‘All Project Tasks’, ‘Project Tasks’ and 'Sprint' boards. Once these changes are made, everyone in the project will see the same view.

The default card (visible to all users) can be configured for each board. Additionally, owners of ‘saved filters’ are also allowed to customize the card within their saved view, which will be accessible to other viewers of the saved filter. 

Other than the two default fields (Title & Assignee), four more fields can be added to the card out of the total fields (including custom fields) available in a Project.

This gives users access to all relevant information at a glance so they can be informed and can take all necessary decisions seamlessly.

In the Sprint view, the card customization entry point is as shown below:

In case owners of 'Saved Filters' wish to copy the saved filter board, there is an option to copy columns or card.

The 'All Projects Tasks' board is customizable by global admins only. However, here as well the respective owners of saved filters can customize those views as needed.

More on basics of Setting up Kanban Boards here.