Important - Workflow is by default disabled for accounts, Project manager needs to enable “Task workflows” from the project settings. 

Task workflow is a collection of statuses that helps you control how tasks move through different stages during its life cycle. You can also set up validations and triggers on status updates.

What is a typical workflow for teams?

In new-gen project management, you get the option to create and manage stages to suit your custom workflow. There is a default workflow that is available:

Default Workflow – Basic workflow consists of four standard stages to work completion i.e. Open, In Progress, In Review, and Closed.

However, you can always create a custom workflow to improve your work process effortlessly. 

Create custom workflows:

Once you enable the workflow: Step 1: Go to project settings > select “workflow” under Task. 

Here you will see “Default workflow” which you cannot edit as it comes under default configurations.

Step 2: Click on +New to add a custom workflow

Step 3: In the next window, Add a name, description and transition rules to your workflow.
Select Default Status for the workflow, usually task starts from “Open”

Setting up transitions for the workflow:

Here you will automatically see the custom status you had added previously through configuring custom status here. 

Note: Sometimes there might be scenarios where you want a task to go back to the previous state (eg: In review -> In progress). For these cases, you can set up a reverse status transition like, In review -> In progress as well by clicking on the “+Add Step

3. Furthermore, you can add new workflows that could suit your work process better or add workflows from other projects.

To add a workflow from an existing project

NOTE - You can reuse existing Workflow from other projects but you cannot edit them.
Step 1: Choose the option of "Add from other projects" in the right-hand side corner.
Step 2: Choose the workflow that you want to populate from your existing project and select add. You can start working on it immediately as it would get populated automatically.

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