Freshservice is a powerful service desk tool that allows you to manage your projects and collaborate with your team members. One of the key features of Freshservice is the ability to add project members to your projects. However, you must have project manager privileges to add members to your project. Additionally, note that a project license is required for users who need access to project management.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add project members in Freshservice:

Checking for project manager privileges and project licenses
To add members to your project, ensure you have project manager privileges and that your users have the necessary project licenses.

Checking for project manager privileges and project licenses

Inviting project members

Follow the steps below to add an existing user as a project member.

  1. Go to Projects and select the project you want to add members to.
  2. Click on the Settings tab, and under the People section, select Members.
  3. Click on the +New button to add existing users.
  4. You can add multiple users by searching their email IDs in the search bar.

Inviting project members in Freshservice

Note: You can only add existing users as members from here.
To invite new users, go to Admin > User management > Agents > New Agent

Managing access type of project members

You can manage all your project members' access from the Members module.

  1. Click on the icon and select Edit.
  2. Here you can choose the access type for the user. You can choose from the following options:
    • Project Viewer: The user gets read-only access to this project.
    • Project Editor: The user gets edit access to all the modules in this project except settings.
  3. You can also select the Project Groups under which this user can be grouped from the dropdown. If you are using workflow transitions and want the same set of project members to be part of the automated transition group, project groups will be helpful.
    Managing access type of project members in Freshservice

  4. To add a new Project group, click on the +New option for Project Groups under Project Settings.

    Managing access type of project members in Freshservice