Project admin can now create custom fields that they can use during project creation and can manage it from the project overview and settings. 

1. Please navigate to Admin -> Project & Workload Management --> Project Fields section in your Freshservice instance. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Project & Workload Management > Project Fields.

2. This section contains custom fields along with the default fields 

3. Create a new project field:

Once you are inside field configuration,

a. Click on "+ New"

b. Choose a custom field type

c. Give your field a name and Save the field. Once the field is added to the form > Click "Save"

Users can add five types of custom fields:

  1. Textbox

  2. Number

  3. Dropdown

  4. Paragraph

  5. Date

Users can also reorder the fields 

Properties of a task in the new-gen project management can be customized using Forms and Fields