How do I import agent information?

  • Navigate to Admin → User Management → Agents, and click on Import. If your account has more than one workspace, then navigate to Admin > Global Settings > User Management > Agents.

  • The "Import Agents" panel would appear on your screen. Select or drag-and-drop a  CSV file onto the file upload area in this panel. Click on the "Upload" button. (Formats other than CSV are not supported. For more information about the file contents, refer to the sections below)

  • Map the agent attributes to the column headers in the CSV file. Once you're done, click on the "Import" button.
  • Once the import process is completed, you will receive an email with the number of agents imported successfully, and errors encountered if any.

How should I structure the input file?

  • The file must be in CSV format. Other formats are not supported.
  • The first row of the CSV file should contain the names of the fields that are being imported (Full Name, Email, etc.)
  • If you're assigning values to fields like Groups and Roles which can have multiple values,
    • If you're editing the CSV file using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, specify the values separated by commas (Role 1, Role 2, Role 3)
    • If you're editing the CSV file using a text editor, specify the values separated by commas and enclose the entire string within double quotes ("Role 1, Role 2, Role 3")

Which fields can I import?

Possible Values
First Name
The official name of the agent
Any text
Last Name The official surname of the agentAny text
Primary email address
Valid email addresses in the format username@domain.ext
Identifies the agent as an occasional agent or a full-time agent
FALSE (for full-time agents)
TRUE (for occasional agents)
Job Title
Any text
Work Phone
Work phone number
Any text
Mobile Phone
Mobile phone number
Any text
Location of the agent
Existing Location Names from
Admin → Asset Management → Locations
Reporting Manager
The primary email address of the reporting manager
Valid email addresses in the format username@domain.ext (If the reporting manager specified does not already exist, they would be created as a requester/contact with the email address provided)
Groups that the agent is a member of. Supports multiple values.
Group Names from
Admin → User Management → Groups → Agent Groups
Default and custom roles assigned to the agent. Supports multiple values.
Understanding Roles for Agents : Freshservice
Time Zone
(applicable to Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans)
Time zone that the agent works in
List of Time Zones Supported in Freshservice
(applicable to Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans)
Language in which the Freshservice interface is shown to the agent
List of Languages Supported in Freshservice
(applicable if Leaderboard is enabled)
The level reached by the agent in the Arcade module