Note: Applicable only for accounts in which workspaces have been enabled.

Click here for the account admin guide to managing agents and granting permissions.

Admins managing the service desk can define permissions for different roles and ensure agents have access to data and configurations needed to perform their roles. 

Admins can create two types of roles: 

Admin roles - Permissions needed to modify configurations within the admin section.

Agent roles - Permissions needed to run everyday service desk operations across modules like tickets, problems, changes etc.,

Built-in roles: 

Freshservice is set up with default roles that help admins save the time and hassle of defining permissions and responsibilities pertaining to each role.

Built-in Admin roles: 

Account Admin: If granted account-wide, the account admin has complete admin control over the service desk, including access to the account or billing-related information

Account admins have the privilege of creating/managing/deleting a workspace; they also have: 

  • Complete access over their accounts’ admin settings (including plans, billing, managing account details etc.) 

  • No access to data within a workspace unless explicitly given permission to access it via agent roles

  • Default access to the admin settings of any workspace that is added to their account

  • No access to restricted workspaces 

Workspace Admin: Can configure all features through the Admin tab but is restricted from viewing Account or Billing related information 

Note: This is a role that is added during the creation of a workspace. Adding an agent as a ‘Workspace admin’ will assign the below two roles by default:

  • Workspace admin role: that has all admin privileges

  • IT supervisor role: that has all data privileges

Built-in Agent roles: 

IT Supervisors: Can perform all non-admin actions

Business Supervisors: Can work on Tickets, Projects, Solutions, and Announcements. Can view and manage reports

IT Agents: Can perform all non-admin actions except reporting

Business AgentsCan work on Tickets, Projects, Solutions, and Announcements. Cannot view reports

Problem Manager: Can view and respond to tickets and problems and modify their properties.

Change Manager: Can view and respond to tickets and changes and modify their properties.

Release Manager: Can view and respond to tickets and releases and modify their properties.

Configuration managerCan access the CMDB to manage configuration items and manage tickets, problems, changes and releases.

Contract manager: Can perform all agent-related activities, view problems, change and have full access to the Contract module

IT Ops Agent: Can perform all agent-related activities, can view and manage alerts

Project Manager: Can view, create and manage projects

Project Member: Can view and work on projects

Procurement Manager: Can perform all agent-related activities and perform all activities on Purchase Order

Custom roles: 

  • Navigate to Admin -> Global settings -> Roles and click on New Role

  • Choose between an admin role or an agent role, and enter a name and description for the role.

  • Select the appropriate privileges under Tickets, Problems, Changes, Releases, Assets, Announcements, Solutions, and Reports for the agent role or under Administration for the Admin role. 

Once you're done, click Save