Note: This is currently available only for Virtual agent on Enterprise plan. MS Teams currently supports @mentions to the Botname only. It will not automatically intercept conversations happening on channels. This will be supported by end of 2023.

One of the primary means of communication between service management teams and employees is public channels on collaboration apps. Employees easily shoot their questions on channels for help and these queries are usually ad-hoc, unstructured, and are asked round-the-clock. This makes it cumbersome to employ human agents 24/7 to stay on top of these queries and to respond to each of them effectively.

With Servicebot’s Virtual agent on public channels, answer your employees' queries round-the-clock instantly while freeing up your agents' time for high-value work. 

Employees do not need to invoke the bot to get their questions answered - when Servicebot is available on a channel, it will automatically understand queries that can be answered and provide quick resolution with relevant help articles and service items.

With Servicebot’s Virtual agent on channels:

  • Improve discoverability and adoption of Servicebot by enabling it on channels where your employees ask their questions. 

  • Save time for your agents by getting Servicebot to automatically deflect common queries with a response to self-serve. 

  • Effectively manage high volume of queries with a first response from Servicebot

  • Influence tribal knowledge by enabling everyone in a channel to view Servicebot responses to queries

Here’s how Freddy-AI powered Virtual agent deflects a query in a channel:

Note: This is available only on Slack 

  • Recognizes the question as a potential query that can be answered 

  • Understands the intent of the question 

  • Reads the service catalog and knowledge base and provides intelligent responses to self-serve

Actions supported

  1. Drop a question directly or use the following @mentions to get answers from Servicebot when there is a relevant match in the Knowledge base or Service Catalog



Supported in


Invoke the Servicebot

Slack and MS Teams


Invoke the Servicebot with the rebranded name used in your organization

Slack and MS Teams


Notify members of a particular group of members in the channel. For example: @ithelpdesk

Slack only


Notify the entire channel

Slack only


Notify online members on the channel

Slack only

  1. If the response to the query involves service items and solution articles that cannot be accessed by all members of the channel due to access controls, the Servicebot will redirect you to your DMs to reveal them. 

Click on Go to app to view the solution article on Servicebot's direct message.

How to enable Servicebot on Channels?

Here’s how you can enable Servicebot on your collaboration channels:

Setup Servicebot on Slack Channels