When employees face issues and need assistance, they quickly hit up relevant channels on Slack to get immediate assistance. These queries become tricky for IT teams to stay on top of as they are ad-hoc and can be missed. 

By adding virtual agent to public channels, enable quick assistance to employees’ questions without increasing the workload for agents. Virtual agents will then intercept conversations on these channels to provide instant support.

How do you enable it?

  1. Navigate to channel details on the channel where you want to add the virtual agent. Right-click the channel and choose View Channel Details, (OR) click on the channel name at the top of the window

Note: You can’t add the VA to a private channel

2. Click on the Integrations tab.

3. Under the Apps section, 

  1. Choose the Add an App option.

  2. Search for the Servicebot app and click on add.


4. The Virtual agent will be added to the channel and will start responding to questions, whenever it has an answer.