Introduction to Freshdesk-Freshservice integration

Freshservice and Freshdesk integration help internal support teams on Freshservice collaborate with customer support teams on Freshdesk to get a 360 view of customer issues for faster resolution. This integration enables companies to streamline and accelerate the service management process and deliver outstanding support from a unified window. 

Benefits of this integration

This integration enables support teams to effortlessly collaborate with your internal teams on Freshservice on codependent tickets. With seamless collaboration and real-time ticket updates, your internal agents can stay on top of any query that comes their way and help resolve customer issues faster. 

With the Freshdesk-Freshservice integration, your teams will be able to:

  • Reduce average resolution time of internal teams on Freshservice by enabling them with the full context of the customer issue right from Freshservice

  • Increase agent productivity & reduce the scope for error with Workflow Automator & information sharing processes.

  • Ease of tracking the internal agent performance on Freshservice for tickets & service requests created from Freshdesk to Freshservice

Which agent can access this integration? 

Agents and admins on both Freshdesk and Freshservice can access this integration as per defined visibility. But only the Freshdesk and Freshservice Admins will be able to initiate and set up this integration. 

Freshservice admin experience and configuration for integration 

How can admins set up visibility of a Freshservice ticket for Freshdesk agents?

Freshdesk Admin can choose between the following: 

  • All conversations on the Freshservice ticket (replies, public notes, private notes). 

  • Only public conversations on the Freshservice ticket (replies, .public notes).

How Freshservice admin can improve agent productivity and prioritize customer issues for faster resolution

Custom SLA: Freshservice admins can configure a custom SLA for service requests/incidents of tickets generated from Freshdesk to ensure quick resolution.

Step 1: Go to Freshservice admin page> SLA Policies> create a new SLA policy

Step 2:  Define response time, resolution time, Operational hours

Step 3: Select source as Freshdesk to enforce SLA on tickets incoming from Freshdesk

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Custom Reports: Admin can keep a tab on essential metrics to analyze the performance of the Freshservice agents on service requests and incidents generated from Freshdesk as the source. 

Step 1: Go to Freshservice Analytics & Reports

Step 2:  Create a new report or clone and edit an existing report with desired metrics (example, agent performance)

Step 3: Click filter and add source as Freshdesk.

Step 4: Apply the filter and save this report. 


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Workflow Automation: To improve agent productivity, Freshservice admin can automate the workflow to standardize the process for customer issues raised from Freshdesk.

Step 1: Go to Freshservice admin> Workflow Automator.

Step 2:  Select tickets from the new Automator on the top right corner of the page

Step 3: Drag and drop event and select “ticket is raised” 

Step 4: Now drag and drop condition and select source as Freshdesk. Add other conditions as per requirement.

Step 5: Now add action such as “assign to a specific agent or group”

Step 6: Save and activate

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Learn how to set up the configuration 

Freshservice agent experience 

How does this integration help internal teams on Freshservice?

  • Internal agents will view customer replies, status updates, and default properties of the actual Freshdesk ticket.

  • Workflow automation can run on Freshservice tickets created from Freshdesk, reducing manual work for internal team supervisors, thereby saving time. 

  • Access to custom SLAs & reporting in Freshservice with a specific source for tickets coming in Freshdesk to analyze metrics and improve performance.

Internal operations flow for Freshservice agents.

  • Freshservice agents can view Freshdesk ticket properties (default, public) & customer interactions on the Freshdesk ticket. 

  • They will also get real-time notifications when a ticket’s ticket’s new response or status update is made (ticket fields sync). 

  • Freshservice agent will be able to distinguish and filter tickets based on source (as Freshdesk)

  • Freshservice agents will be able to collaborate with external agents via replies, public notes,s or even private notes (if sync allows)

What information about Freshdesk tickets can the Freshservice agents view?

Freshdesk Admins can restrict information passed down to Freshservice agents: 

  • All conversations on the Freshdesk ticket (replies, public notes, private notes)

  • Only public discussions on the Freshdesk ticket (replies, public notes)

  • None (only ticket properties)

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