Note: We've updated our pricing and packaging. This feature is available on Blossom, Garden, Estate & Forest plans for customers who signed up before Nov 2nd 2020.

Using Analytics, save time drafting reports from scratch to get a complete overview of your service desk performance. 

You can open your Analytics module by clicking on Analytics from the navigation bar to the left.

Using Analytics Basic, you can use run-time filters on curated reports and export them as CSV files.  We have multiple curated reports for you to choose from as follows:

Agent Performance

Changes Overview

Dashboard Overview

Service Desk at a Glance

Service Desk Load Analysis

Inventory Overview

Problems Overview 

Release Overview

Service Request Reports

SLA Violations Overview

Tasks Overview

Tickets Backlog

Users Overview

Editing a Widget

Every widget is a high level, visual representation of your service desk metrics. But, if you want to drill deeper, you can edit the widget. Click the Edit Menu to switch to Edit mode.

Filtering Data from a Widget

Let’s say you have a widget which shows you the total number of tickets grouped by priority. If you want to view the data for tickets from the last 30 days,

  • Open the widget in which you want to create filters.

  • Now enter the parameters by which you want to filter. For example, type Created date in the last 30 days.

  • Click on Apply to view the updated widget.

  • You can also view the data used to render the widget by hitting the View Underlying Data.


In Analytics Basic, you cannot create new reports or save edits to the curated reports. 

Exporting Reports

In most cases, you might want to export reports to other reporting applications or to save a report offline. Click on Export to email your curated reports as a CSV file. You can export both the graph data and the tabular data.

What can you get in Analytics Pro?


Analytics Basic

Analytics Pro


Curated Reports

Curated Reports and Custom Reports


Run time only

Filters with Save

Export Reports

Curated Reports only

All Reports

Metrics Configuration



Group By Feature



Ask Freddy



Presentation Mode



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