The Timesheet report in Freshservice allows you to calculate billable, non-billable, and total hours logged by your agents. 

The report can be filtered based on multiple parameters including custom fields of Tickets, Problems, Change, Releases, and Tasks. 

Creating a Timesheet Report

In order to create a Timesheet report, please follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Log into your Freshservice account and click on Analytics from the left sidebar. 

  • Click on New Report and provide a name for your report. 

  • Click on +Add Widgets and select Timesheets. Choose from one of the available widgets. 

  • Under the Configure section of the widget, choose the metric for which you wish to generate the Timesheet report. 

  • If you wish to filter your timesheet data based on certain parameters, you can choose it from the filter and Group by sections. Filters can be parameters from modules such as Tickets, Problems, Change, Release, etc. You can also filter your data based on custom fields created in your account. 

  • After choosing all the necessary parameters, click Apply. 

Scheduling a Timesheet Report

To Schedule Timesheet reports, kindly follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Click on the Schedule button in the top right corner. 

  • Choose the frequency at which you wish to send/receive the report. 

  • Add the email address to which you wish to send the report and add a relevant subject line and body of the email. 

  • Once done, click Apply.