Often you would want to quickly gather insights about your service desk to assess various performance parameters. Not always would you want to be creating reports in detail to know your metrics. For instance, you are in a meeting and someone asks you the average resolution time of agents in your service desk. What if your analytics module could answer that for you right away?

Freshservice brings to you the ML-powered Ask Freddy feature, which uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to generate widgets by simply posing a question to Freddy. For example, you can simply ask, “What is the average resolution time of tickets by agents?”. Freddy will process your questions by applying the right criteria and will return the results in no time. 


Currently, Freddy supports reports for the following modules: Tickets, Problems, Changes, Releases and Tasks. To know more about the various module properties that can be used to raise questions to Freddy click here.

Where do I find it?

  • Head to the Analytics tab and find the Ask Freddy bar on the top. 
  • When you click on the Ask Freddy bar, you can find the recently searched queries and FAQs in the drop-down menu. Enter your question in the Ask bar. Click on Ask or press Enter to generate the widget.

Let us consider the following Use Cases.

Use Case 1:

You need to see the open tickets from the last 90 days. Freddy lists tickets whenever the 'Show' or the 'List' clauses are used. 

You can ask Freddy “Show the ticket counts by category?”. Any variant of this question such as “How many tickets are there for each category?” would generate the same widget as well. 

  • Click on the Question Mark icon to see the various filters that were applied to the ticket based on your question.
  • To add, remove or edit filters that were applied to the widget as well as style the widget using the Configure, Filter or Style buttons present at on right pane of the screen.
  • Click on Clone to Reports to add the widget to a new report. 
  • Give us feedback about Freddy’s results using the feedback options at the bottom.

  • You can also view the data in a table format by clicking on Show underlying data.

  • Click on the  icon on the right pane to see more questions related to the original question. Click on any of the suggested related questions to get the metric value.

Use Case 2:

You can get a count of data items using Freddy. Ask Freddy “How many high-priority tickets are pending right now?” to get a count of pending, high-priority tickets.

Use Case 3: 

You can use a 'grouped by' clause to classify your data based on certain fields. Freddy can also identify trends about your service desk when asked to do so. Ask Freddy “What is the ticket volume trend grouped by days of the week?” to get your data trends charted by days of the week.


Freddy supports only up to two 'group by' criteria. For instance, you can ask Freddy, “Show me the ticket count grouped by priority and department” to group your results based on two fields. 

Use Case 4:

If some context is missing in your question, Freddy will prompt you with contextual options to choose from.