Once you have the change rollout and backout plan in place, you need to get it approved by one or more members of the CAB (Change Advisory Board). Depending on the nature of the change, its impact, risk etc. the approval request might be sent to a manager, supervisor or even the head of the concerned department.

To initiate a request for CAB approval: 

  1. From the change’s detailed view, scroll down to the Approvals section and click on Request for CAB Approval.

  2. If you require a committee of people to approve the request, you could choose the following options that would appear on right.
  3. Select a CAB from the drop-down menu to get a list of its members. Select the checkbox corresponding to the one you need the approval of and click Send.
  • Everyone: This will require the approval from everyone for the service request to be approved.
  • Majority: This only requires the majority in the committee to approve the service request.
  • Any: This will only require approval from any member of the committee but will wait till the entire committee is done casting their vote.
  • First Responder: The first responder will immediately approve/reject based on the first person's vote. It will not wait for all members to vote.

This sends an auto-generated mail to them. They check to make sure the change does not conflict with other changes or releases that might be coming up and that the plan is exhaustive. Once they approve the request, it reflects on the change’s detailed view and you can start planning the release process.


Link to a release

After the change request is approved by the CAB member(s), the change needs to be linked to a release - one that contains all details about the actual deployment.

You can link the change to an existing release or add a new one from the change’s detailed View.

To create a new release for a change:

  1. Click on the Associate button at the top and select New Release. You can also go to the Associations tab below the change details and click on +Associate > New Release

  1. Fill the form to create the release and click on Link.

  2. To link an existing release, click on Associate and select Existing Release. Then select the release from the list and click on Link.