When you are a member of a Change Advisory Board, you will be getting approval requests from Freshservice for different changes. You will have to approve or reject them yourself, one by one. Based on your approval, the CAB will be marked as approved or rejected. This rating will be taken into consideration when the Change Manager approves the change themselves.

In case you would like to discuss anything, you could leave comments on the change by clicking on the Notes section.

Quick guide to approving changes when you are on the CAB:

  • Open up your email inbox that is used with your Freshservice account.
  • Look for any approval requests you have gotten recently.
  • Go through the information provided about the change.
  • If needed, click on the link that is provided in the email to open up the change in Freshservice.
  • Once you are done verifying, go back to the Email and click the Approve Change link.
  • In case you weren’t satisfied with whatever you saw, you can click on the Reject Change link.

Once you have done this, your vote gets submitted to Freshservice automatically. Please note that you can be a part of multiple CABs at the same time. In this case, when you get two different approval requests from the same change, you will have to approve them one by one.