Before you start telling users about your new help desk and the support experience they can now expect from you, you probably want your service desk portal to reflect your brand and theme. Freshservice lets you customize your support and self-service portal with your logo and color theme. 

You can brand your help desk with the name of your organization, use your own icon, and completely redo the way your portal looks without taking too much time.

A quick guide to re-branding your support portal:

  • Login to your Support portal.
  • Go to Admin > Account Settings > Service Desk Rebranding > Service Desk Settings.  
  • Type in the name of your help desk or upload a logo image in its place. You can also choose to link back to your own website when the requester clicks on the header logo under the Linkbank URL option. 
  • Configure the colors for the Header, the Navigation Bar, and the Background.
  • Type in a custom URL for your help desk (more on this below).
  • If you want to customize the way your portal looks to your requester, please use the Customize Portal link.
  • Hit the Save Changes button to finish.

If just plain colors are not enough, you might want to check out some advanced customization options with FreshThemes here.

You can also customize your support URL to point to something like instead of by configuring your vanity URL. Check this solution to find out how.