The Change Advisory Board (CAB) in Freshservice can be used by Change Managers to get expert advice from other senior team members about new changes. It provides an easy way to gather insights from multiple users who could contribute to the decision and recording all of their activities and discussions properly in your service desk.

Whenever a change is submitted for approval, the members of the CAB will get notified by email and will be asked to approve or reject the change manually. Once they do, the Change Manager gets to take a look at their feedback and take the final call on whether he or she wants to approve the change and proceed. The condition on who has to approve (any one, everyone or majority) can be selected from the drop-down 'To be approved by'.

Please note that irrespective of the CAB’s vote, the Change Manager will have the final authority to approve the change. For better clarity and as a precaution, changes are not approved by default in Freshservice. This way, there will be a single point of contact to take responsibility for the change, settle concerns and disagreements, and there won’t be any logical difficulties regarding getting the change approved.

You can create multiple change advisory boards in Freshservice and add different groups of people in them. A single agent can be a part of several CABs and will get unique votes to cast on each of them. Whenever your technicians work on a change, they will get to choose from a list of CABs to submit for approval and specific agents from inside the CAB whom they want to include in the conversation.

Creating a Change Advisory Board in Freshservice

  1. Navigate to the Admin > User Management > CAB.
    If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > User Management > CAB. 
  2. Click New CAB and type in a name and description for your CAB.
  3. Click on Add members to add people to your CAB one by one.
  4. Once you are done, click on the Save button.

Understanding Change Approvals and CABs

Your agents will now be able to find your new CAB in the Request for CAB Approval section inside each change.