Freshservice has revamped its in-product Analytics and Project Analytics homepage with an all-new sleek and elegant design. This new homepage is much more intuitive and designed to give users a seamless user experience.

Here’s everything that users can expect in the new homepage:
1. All the report types such as Private, Shared, Owned, Curated are visible as distinct sections on the left panel.

2. Deleted reports can easily be accessed from the Trash icon on bottom left.

3. Schedules, Data exports, Custom metrics and Custom attributes can easily be accessed from the Settings icon on bottom left.


4. Reports can be marked as favourites and accessed from the homepage directly.

5. A dedicated ‘Help Center’ with new resources such as video tutorials, self-guided interactive tours, Data Dictionary, solution articles, FAQs etc to facilitate seamless onboarding. 

In the Help Center section, you can view the following new modules:

  1. Video Tutorials

Short videos to assist in understanding the how-to aspects of Analytics.

  1. Interactive Tours

Step-by-step walkthroughs to get a guided experience of Analytics capabilities.

  1. Data Dictionary

Repository of metric definitions used within Analytics, with examples to illustrate their usage.

  1. Support Articles

Detailed articles to support and provide solutions for Analytics capabilities.

  1. FAQs
    Compilation of the most frequently asked questions by Analytics users.