Find the information you need on your board, faster

By grouping and filtering tasks on your board, you can easily see the project task information that’s most important to you without having to manually scroll through each column. 

Filtering tasks by Group - Predefined filters 

You can group a board by assignee, priority and type of task:

Group by Assignee - You can club all the tasks by project members working it. Click on the individual members name on the sidebar to filter their subsequent tasks.

Group by priority - Project tasks will be grouped by priority, from Low to urgent. If you have created any custom priority, that will also show here.

Group by task type - Project tasks will be grouped by task types, by default it will be Task and Task list, but you have created any custom task type, they will also show here.

Individual and cross-project users customize their views on the Kanban board with additional group-by filter options that support custom fields. This is available on the All Project Tasks board, Tasks board and Sprint board. Other than three default fields (Assignee, Priority & Type), all single select attributes are introduced as group-by filters.

Note: There are three exceptions to the group-by options available namely, Default & custom date attributes, Story point attributes and Sprint attributes.

Not just this, you can again group all these filtered tasks with pre-defined groups, such as “My tasks” and “Unresolved tasks”.

Filtering tasks by Group - Advanced filters 

Use these quick filters to slice and dice your tasks.

Click on the icon to open “Filters”

From here, you can filter by:






Task lists

Created since

Start Date

End Date

Resolved since

View only blocked tasks


You can also Save these filters and decide the visibility whether you want to make it public or private.