When a new ticket comes in to the service desk, checking the requester’s details tells you quite a lot about it. You know which department the request came from and you can judge its urgency based on the requester's designation.

These default fields might be helpful but sometimes you might need more information specific to your organization. For instance, you might have multiple offices across the country, so you’d like to know where the request is coming from. Or you might want to add a field for the ‘supervisor’s name’ that’ll come in handy when there’s a service request.

Here’s how you can add custom fields for new Requesters (or Contacts if you’re an MSP):

1. Login to Freshservice as an Admin. Then go to the Admin console and click on Requester Fields/Contact Fields.

2. From the menu above, select the type of field you want to add. You can drag and drop it to the form or just click and position it later.

  • Single Line Text
  • Multi Line Text
  • Checkbox
  • Number
  • Dropdown
  • Phone Number
  • URL
  • Date

3. Enter the Label and choose whether the field would be mandatory, or whether the customer can edit it etc. If you’re adding a Dropdown, provide the choices.

4. Click on Done. Once you’ve added all the required fields, click Save.

These new fields will be available while adding requesters or contacts. For the existing ones, you can add these values by going to Requesters/Contacts in the Admin console and clicking the Edit button next to their name.