In order to get your workflows in order and start resolving issues quickly, you need to get all the facts and information ready before your agents start working on your tickets. Sometimes, you need an employee's ID to speed things up a bit, or a few special fields to better categorize the ticket. It makes sense for you to get your ticket form ready before you start accepting requests.

You can customize your Ticket Form to include the right ticket fields for your organization and gather information which can prove to be useful when you go ahead with IT operations. Once you do, you can let your customers and agents fill in the information you need in the format you want.

A quick guide to customizing the New Ticket form:

  • Click on Admin > Field Templates.

  • Click on any field to open the field editor.

  • Customize the name of the field for both agents and requestors.

  • You can choose to make the field mandatory when agents create or resolve a ticket.

  • You can choose whether the field is visible to customers when they log a new ticket from your portal, whether they can edit it, and if it is a required field when the submit the ticket.

  • You can also add your own custom fields by dragging a field type and dropping them on the ticket form.

  • Drag and move fields within the form to organize them in the New Ticket form.

  • Click Save to save this new form.

When you are done, try clicking on the New Ticket button to check how your ticket form has come up. Remember that you will be seeing your ticket form when they submit a ticket through your portal.