An IT workspace is a workspace that is created primarily to manage IT service management operations. 


Creating IT workspaces

  • A workspace created using the IT workspace template would be an IT workspace. 

  • If you use the blank template and choose IT as the primary business function, then the workspace created would be an IT workspace. 

  • The primary workspace, which is created as the default workspace in your account, is always an IT workspace. 


Ticket types supported in IT workspaces 

  • IT workspaces support Incidents, Service Requests, and Major Incidents
  • Case/Query/Issue/Request ticket types are NOT available in IT workspaces and are only available in business workspaces.

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Features supported in IT workspaces

  • IT workspaces grant access to all the features available as per your subscription plan. 
  • If you compare them with Business workspaces, IT workspaces additionally grant access to certain IT-specific features (Problem, Change, Release, Alert, and On-Call Management) that are not available in Business workspaces.  

Agent permissions in IT workspaces

Starter and Growth Plans: Agents can access all the modules that are available in IT workspaces. 

Pro and Enterprise plans:


  • IT agentsAn IT agent can be given any permission in the IT workspace, be it related to administering the workspace or managing tickets. 

  • Business agents: A business agent can only do the following in IT workspaces:
    • View tickets, tasks, and related reports.
    • Add private notes to tickets
    • View solution articles.

Business agents cannot be assigned:

  • Tickets. 
  • Admin permissions.

Here is the detailed set of differences between an IT agent and a Business agent. 

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