Workspace Creation: Workspaces created using the IT workspace template are called IT Workspaces. Workspaces created using any other workspace template (HR, Facilities, Legal, Finance, and General) are called Business Workspaces. If you use the blank template, the workspace type is determined by the primary business function selected. If IT is chosen, an IT workspace is created. If any other business function is selected, a Business workspace is created.

Distinctions: Here are the key distinctions between the two. 

  • Ticket types supported: IT and Business Workspaces will grant access to different ticket types. IT Workspaces will support Incidents, Service Requests and Major Incidents whereas Business Workspaces will support Cases (which can be prefixed as Queries/Issues/Requests). Learn more about the differences between ticket types here.

  • Features supported: Only IT workspaces will have access to IT-specific features: Problem, Change, Release, Alert, and On-Call Management. 

  • Agent Permissions: Business agents can only be granted ‘view’ access in IT Workspaces. IT and business agents can be granted 'manage' access in Business workspaces (access to modules is still governed by the modules the respective license types can access)