Workspace Creation: Workspaces created using the IT workspace template are called IT Workspaces. Workspaces created using any other workspace template (HR, Facilities, Legal, Finance, and General) are called Business Workspaces. If you use the blank template, the workspace type is determined by the primary business function selected. If IT is chosen, an IT workspace is created. If any other business function is selected, a Business workspace is created.

Distinctions: Here are the key distinctions between the two. 

  • Ticket types: IT and Business Workspaces will grant access to different ticket types. IT Workspaces will support Incidents, Service Requests and Major Incidents (upcoming) and Business Workspaces will support Cases (Which can be prefixed as Cases/Queries/Issues/Requests).

  • Features: Business Workspaces will NOT have access to IT-specific features: Problem, Change, Release, Alert, and On-Call Management. 

  • Ticket access control: Business agents can only be granted ‘View only’ access to tickets in IT Workspaces, with an option to add private notes. IT and business agents can work on all types of tickets in Business workspaces.

Note: These distinctions will be rolled out by 15th May '23. In case your account has enabled a ticket type that will no longer be supported in that workspace, you will be allowed to update the ticket type in that workspace before July 2023 and your existing ticket type will not get updated. Additionally, in case you have a business agent added to the account on the day of release, they will be able to continue accessing all the tickets in the account. Our customer support managers will reach out to you to help you manage this change.