An IT workspace is a workspace that is created primarily to manage IT service management operations. 

Creation of an IT workspace

  • A workspace created using the IT workspace template would be an IT workspace. 

  • If you use the blank template and choose IT as the primary business function, then the workspace created would be an IT workspace. 

  • The primary workspace, which is created as the default workspace in your account, is always an IT workspace. 

Ticket types supported in an IT workspace 

IT workspaces support Incidents, Service Requests, and Major Incidents. Case/Query/Issue/Request ticket types are not available in IT workspaces and are only available in Business workspaces.

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Features supported in IT workspaces

IT workspaces have access to all the features available in the product as per your pricing plan. If you compare them with Business workspaces, IT workspaces have access to certain IT-specific features (Problem, Change, Release, Alert, and On-Call Management) that are not available in Business workspaces.  

Agent permissions in IT workspaces

,An IT agent can be given any permission in the IT workspace, be it related to administering the workspace or managing tickets. 

However, a business agent

  • can view tickets and ticket reports.
  • can view solution articles.
  • can add private notes on tickets
  • can be assigned tasks mapped to tickets only if the tasks are mapped to a business workspace. 
  • cannot be assigned tickets
  • cannot be assigned administrative privileges in an IT workspace. 

Here is the detailed set of differences between an IT agent and a Business agent. 

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