Digital Signatures  Requests

  • Digital Signatures can be embedded directly into service requests as part of  document templates.

  • All digital signature documents are maintained in specific workspaces.

  • This allows for teams such as HR, Legal and Procurement to create documents that require digital signatures from users such as managers, employees, vendors or other partners.

  • Digital signatures are processed via DropboxSign, this does not require a customer to have an account with DropboxSign and each customer will be assigned 30 free signatures a month. It will be possible to get additional signatures from Freshworks during a month if required by contacting us through support.

Beta Availability

Please note this this feature is currently available in beta mode. It is fully functional but accounts are limited to 30 free signatures initially and it is not possible to buy these currently. If you do require any additional signatures please we would be happy to supply you with these - please reach out to support team for this.

Configuring Digital Signatures

  1. To configure a digital signature, first navigate to Admin Settings, Service Request Management and then to Document Templates.

  • This will show a list of documents that have been setup in this workspace.    

  • These templates can be a mix of documents that require signatures or documents that do not require any signatures.

  • There is a sample document template available on the right of the screen. 

  1. Click on the New Template button to create a new document template.

  2. You can drag and drop a document template here or upload from your computer. 

    1. Each document has to be in .docx format

    2. Placeholders are identified as being between curly brackets as follows: {{Employee Name}}

    3. Once the template is uploaded, you will have a preview of the document and will also be able to view the dynamic placeholders identified in the document.

    4. You can give the document a relevant name.

  1. To insert signatures into the document is an optional step, you can do this by selecting the Add Signatures option on the top left.

  1. Signatures can then be dragged and dropped onto the document as required. 

    1. When you drop a signature, you can give it a title to idnetfity later when mapping signatures.

    2. Signatures can be reordered if required.

    3. Signatures can be placed multiple times on the document if required.

    4. Once you are ready, click save and the document template is created.

    5. Pro Tip: If a single individual is required to sign a document multiple times, you do not need to provide multiple email addresses for them. Instead, simply place the same signature placeholder at each required signature location during the template setup. This approach allows the same signer to execute multiple signatures
  2. The next step is to link a document to a service request. Navigate to the service catalog and create a new service request.

    1. This can include Custom Fields that you can use to map to the placeholders in the Template.

  3. At the service items settings, select Document as the fulfillment option and then select the document template you have just created.

    1. At this point the template mapping option will display, but it is best to save at this stage so that the custom fields are available for mapping.

  1. The final step is to map the placeholders to fields from the service request. The key details are the signature mappings which will map the email and name for the people to carry out the signature process.

  1. Once this is completed, the service item can be published and requested by a user.

Agent handling the Service Request

Once a request has been submitted, the agent can review and process the request from the ticket page. 

  1. The first step is to select the option - Send document via DropboxSign.

  1. This will display a summary of the ticket with all relevant placeholder data shown. The agent can update the details at this point if required, once ready to go the agent can click on send via Dropbox Sign

  1. The final step is to review and edit the messages that will be sent to the signatures. 

    • The first message will be sent to anyone who will be carrying out the signing based on the order decided at the template stage.

    • The second message will be sent to the requester to let them know that the process has been initiated.

  • At this stage, the document has been sent via Dropbox sign to the recipients based on the order specified. 

  • To view where the document is at any stage, you can select the option that shows number of signatures completed. From here you can cancel a signature request or send a nudge for a signee to complete. 

  • If you cancel before anyone has signed, the agent can restart the process from the ticket screen.

  • If you cancel after one signee has completed their part, a new ticket will have to be raised to complete the process.

Signing a document

When a document is sent to a signee, they will get an email and a link to dropbox to complete the signing.

Final Outcome

Once all signatures have been completed, the requester will be notified that it is done and it will be available for them on the ticket. This is visible to the agent and the requester