Note: This article is on the new Sandbox 2.0 which is currently in Private Beta. For Freshservice's legacy Sandbox click here.

  1. Once configurations are added and the user clicks on ‘Save and Continue’, the system identifies dependencies for the selected configurations. 

  2. Next, the user will be taken to the ‘Review Configurations’ list page. A list of configurations referenced in the config set but not added to it will be displayed.

  1. Next proceed with adding all referenced missing dependencies to the config set, by clicking on ‘Add and Continue’’. This step adds both global and local items to the config set. The number displayed indicates how many configurations are being added.

  2. After adding the missing references and if there are no more dependencies for the selected configurations, you can proceed by clicking on ‘Sync Configurations’.

  3. A background check will run to assess the configurations in the target instance and checks for errors or warnings. Learn how to manage Errors or Warnings (check ‘Managing Errors, Warnings and Information’ section).

  4. After managing errors and warnings pertaining to the configurations chosen, and taking appropriate action regarding them, check on the role of each configuration (add/update etc) in the target instance module - wise and then click on ‘Sync Configurations’. (The user also has an option to ignore errors and proceed with sync).,

  5. This will trigger sync of the config set in the target instance and once complete the user(s) who created and initiated the sync will receive an email notification about the same.