Note: This article is on the new Sandbox 2.0 which is currently in Private Beta. For Freshservice's legacy Sandbox click here.

After dependencies are managed in a config set, the next step is to sync the config set to target. You can view the list of all configurations module-wise on the preview page along with the number of changes agains’t each module. You can also search any config easily via the search bar.

The table displayed on the preview page also lists the type of actions that wil be performed with each configuration in the target after sync. The action types are:

  • Add: When the config is to be added.

  • Update: When the config is set to be updated.

  • NA: When the config is Invalid.

The preview page also displays warnings or errors that the user must know of before config sets are synced.

If this page shows no warnings or errors, you can click on ‘Sync Configurations’, to proceed with syncing changes from source to target. A toast message is displayed here to let you know that sync has begun.

Know more about sync statuses displayed after sync begins.