Note: This article is on the new Sandbox 2.0 which is currently in Private Beta. For Freshservice's legacy Sandbox click here.

A Config Set is a subset of the configurations within an instance that a user can deploy to the target instance.

For example: You create an event-based workflow in Sandbox, that assigns all tickets created to a specific agent. Here the config set will include the workflow you just created, and the agent that the tickets need to get assigned to.

With Config Sets, users can choose specific configurations within the source that they wish to sync with the target instance.

Creating & syncing changes using Config Sets

To create a config set and sync changes from a source to the target instance, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Sandbox within the source instance. 

  2. Click on the 'Create Config Set' button located in the top left corner, and provide the required details (Name, Description, Source and Target) and click ‘Create’. This will create a config set.

  3. You’ll find all the supported modules on the left nav. 

  4. Go to the desired module, and select the required configurations using the checkbox. You can use filters to narrow down your search and click on ‘Apply’.

  5. You can add configurations from multiple modules (from the left nav), and click on ‘Save and Continue’.

  6. The system runs a quick dependency check to add any required dependencies. All your selected configurations will then be populated and displayed for a preview.

  7. The preview screen helps you review your selected configuration before proceeding with the sync. We’ll let you know via email once the sync is complete. The completed sync details can be accessed through the Sync history page in the target instance.

Note: Once synced, Config Sets cannot be edited or deleted.

Editing a Config set

After creating a config set, follow these steps to edit it:

  1. Click the 'Expand' button located on the right side of the instance you wish to modify.

  2. Then, select 'Edit.'

  3. Here, you can make changes to the name, and description and click on ‘Save and Continue’.

Viewing a Config set

Follow these steps to view a config set: 

  1. Under the ‘Config Sets’ tab, click the name of the config set you wish to view. 

  1. A list of all configurations added to the config set will open and can be viewed.

When a config set is ready to be synced to production, it will compute dependencies, i.e. configurations on which config set configurations depend on. 

For example, for an agent, the agent’s reporting manager, the agent’s department, the agent’s location and the head of that department are mandatory to sync a config set. These additional fields need to be part of the config set and are called dependencies.