With the increasing volume of user inquiries and support requests, traditional methods of agent-based support struggle to keep up with the demand. This results in long waiting times when employees encounter an issue or need assistance, which can be frustrating and can result in productivity losses.

With Freddy self-service, resolve incidents and service requests with generative AI-powered virtual agents that are ready to start helping on day one. Bypass traditional experiences powered by forms and tickets with Virtual agent’s truly conversational experiences that is zero-touch and personalized. 

Note: This is available only in Private Beta for Enterprise plan customers. 

Where can you find them?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Freddy AI > Freddy 
  2. Enable the toggle for Conversational support under Freddy Self service. 

Note for Slack Enterprise grid users: Virtual agent currently offers a 1 to 1 mapping of slack instance & Freshservice. You would be able to use Virtual Agent only on 1 workspace that is integrated with Freshservice. Multiple workspaces are not currently supported.

Critical capabilities available for you to explore

Actionable Response Summaries

Enable employees to quickly find relevant information and take immediate action with curated and actionable responses sourced and summarized from help articles. This approach reduces the time spent on searching through lengthy help articles and improves time to resolve issues through self-service. 

Note: This capability is now available on Slack public channels. Learn how to enable Virtual agent on Slack. 

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Multi-turn Conversations

Enable effective and quicker issue resolution by enhancing communication between employees and the virtual agent with continuous two-way dialogues. This interactive experience enables employees to have extended conversations with virtual agent about their issues and provide continued handholding until their issues are fixed. 

Note: This capability is now available on Slack public channels. Learn how to enable Virtual agent on Slack.

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Multi-lingual Conversations

Support a global workforce with localized support experience by empowering employees to talk to Virtual agent in the language of their choice. Enable multilingual responses to understand employees’ queries in any language and respond by translating all available content into employees' preferred language. 

Note: This capability is now available on Slack public channels. Learn how to enable Virtual agent on Slack.

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Formless Conversational Experience

Simplify request submission processes and reduce manual efforts by using Virtual agents to fill out forms for employees. Virtual agent can auto-create service requests through a dialog from the context shared.

Note: This capability is now available on Slack public channels. Learn how to enable Virtual agent on Slack.

Integrated Knowledge Search

Leverage intelligent search capabilities to access diverse external knowledge sources for more precise and relevant virtual agent support. Help employees have a single touch point to gather all self-help information they need by enabling virtual agent to access a wider pool of knowledge sources.

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Note: This is currently available only for SharePoint. 

Channel availability

Enable round-the-clock instant support on your help channels by deploying Virtual agent. Free up agents for more strategic tasks while Virtual agent intuitively intercepts conversations and queries on public channels and provides timely resolutions.

Other enhancements: Account-specific and Contextual conversations

To provide a more humanized experience, we have updated our AI models to incorporate the following features:

  • Enhanced Natural Language Understanding

  • Account-specific behavior

For example: Virtual agent will now gather more information to identify the intent of a query. For example, when an employee has a question about password reset, Virtual agent will probe into this query to understand if they are looking to raise a service request or need self-help information. Furthermore, Virtual Agent will steer the conversations based on available account-specific resources. 



Only service item exists

Only solution article exists

Both exist

Password reset

VA suggests the right service item & starts a formless conversation for service request

VA suggests the steps for password reset based on the solution article in a summarized manner

VA probes further to gather more information to steer the conversation better