Freshservice allows stakeholders involved in employee onboarding and offboarding workflows to delegate the filling of forms that are assigned to them. This functionality is useful if the stakeholders are out of office or on leave and do not want the onboarding or offboarding requests to be stuck because of their absence. 


NOTE: Please note that the form assigned to the initiator can NOT be delegated. This functionality is available only for the ‘Stakeholder’ as defined in the following articles.
Stakeholders in Onboarding
Stakeholders in Offboarding

There are two personas involved in the delegation process.

Delegator: The user who turns delegation ON so that incoming approvals and forms can be routed to someone else in the team. This user can be a requester or an agent.

Delegatee: The user to whom the delegator’s requests are routed while delegation is ON. This user can be a requester or an agent.

How can you enable delegation of onboarding/offboarding forms?

Delegation can be performed by any requester/agent. Here are the steps. 

  • Click on Profile Settings by clicking on your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

  • Go to your user profile, and go to “Delegation Settings” on the right side of the screen. 

NOTE: Please note that the option to delegate onboarding and offboarding forms will be shown only if employee onboarding and offboarding functionalities are enabled in your accounts

  • Enter the required details in the Delegation Settings modal that opens up. Select the delegatee and enter the date and time range for which you want the delegation to happen. Click on the Delegate button.

  • The active delegation settings will now show in the right panel of your profile page. The delegation will be active during the date and time range mentioned by you. You can also manually turn off the delegation in the interim period by clicking on the Turn off Delegation button.

How does onboarding/offboarding form delegation work?

  • Once delegation has been activated, every onboarding/offboarding form-filling request that the delegator receives is automatically delegated to the delegatee.  The delegator and delegatee both receive email notifications upon the creation of an onboarding/offboarding request.  This is to ensure that the required information is filled in a timely manner. 

NOTE: Requests created only after the activation of delegation are forwarded to the delegatee. Any pending requests with the delegator before the activation of the delegation are not forwarded.

  • The delegatee will receive a system-generated email requesting to fill out the form. Below is a sample email for employee onboarding.

NOTE: Please note that it is not possible to modify the content of this email. However, the subject of the email is picked up from the subject field defined in the onboarding/offboarding module settings. This is the Subject that was set for the email to be sent to the original recipient of the form request. It is recommended to use the new hire/employee’s name in the subject to provide clear context of the request to the delegatee.

  • By clicking on the form link in the email, the delegate will be taken to the form where they can fill in the required information for the request. 

NOTE: As long as delegation is active, the delegatee will be able to view the submitted details by clicking on the link in the email. After the expiration of the delegation, the submitted details will not be accessible to the delegatee. The delegator will be able to view the details submitted by the delegatee at all times.