The process of managing the termination of employment is usually a complex and multi-functional process that involves multiple departments. 

Freshservice Employee Offboarding module streamlines different offboarding workflows and ensures complete compliance and a smooth experience for both employees and admins. It reduces administrative overhead, increases efficiency, and helps organizations maintain a strong and secure exit process. 

Let’s see how it works

How to set up the Employee Offboard flow for your organization? (For admins) 

Here are the steps: 

  • Go to Global Settings > Service Request Management > Employee offboarding 

  • Read through the preparatory steps in the window that appears on the screen. 

  • Click on Continue to kickstart the steps to set up offboarding 

  • The first step is to define who will be the initiator of a typical offboarding request. Eg: You can choose HR Business Partner as the initiator. You would also need to choose the groups that the initiator belongs to. 

  • The next step is to configure the form for the initiator (HR Business partner in our example). Use the form builder interface to customize the fields. Click on ‘Continue’ once you are done. 

  • Choose whether you want to automatically detect assets and software mapped to the employee being offboarded. If you mark this flag as on, the system will automatically create tickets for asset retrieval and software access revoking.

  • You would also have the option to add another stakeholder (apart from the offboarding initiator). This stakeholder will indicate if the assets and software should be reclaimed or transferred to someone else.

  • Set up the form for the second stakeholder (Reporting manager in our case) 

  • In the next step, you can customize the email that is sent to the second stakeholder (reporting manager) upon the initiation of an offboarding request. 

  • In the next step, you can configure how tickets and child tickets will be created for asset retrieval and software access removal. 

How to initiate an offboarding request? (For initiators) 

  • As an initiator (HR business partner in our example), you can go to your service portal, search for the corresponding service catalog item for Offboarding, and place a request. 

  • Fill in the offboarding form to initiate the onboarding process. 



1. The Off-boarding option is not showing on the portal. How can I fix this?

Navigate to Global Settings Admin > Employee offboarding > Add Initiator check if the respective group is added here to make the request visible in the portal.