The Status Page enables you to proactively keep your end users updated about the status of your services. Broadly, there are two types of service disruptions – planned and unplanned.

An unplanned service disruption is caused by an incident. The goal of ITOps in this case is to resolve the root incident and get the associated service up and running as fast as possible. The Status Page helps businesses to proactively inform and update end-users about the service disruption to maintain trust and confidence.

A planned service disruption – also known as a Maintenance Window – is needed for rolling out changes. In this case, the goal of ITOps is to inform end-users in advance about the upcoming service disruption, execute the Changes seamlessly, and make services available again on time.

Freshservice enables users to update their end-users about both – planned and unplanned service outage – without relying on any external tool. 

However, to start using this functionality, you need to first:

  1. Set it up from the Admin panel

  2. Set up services

Step 1: Set Up Status Page

1. Head to Admin >>> Channels >>> Status Page

2. Create a Status Page by choosing a name and creating its url. 

Step 2: Configure services

Once you create and publish your Status page, you can configure the services whose health status you want to post about. You can do that by clicking on Configure Status page > Add services – individually or grouped – to publish on the Status Page.

Note: To be able to add services, you will first need services to be configured for your account. Learn more. 

As and when you add services, the preview pane on the right will display what the page will look like to your subscribers.

Give a name to the group, and choose whether to add services or subgroups and add services to those subgroups.

The preview pane on the right will show you the hierarchy of services as per the way you organize them. In this example, AU data center is the main group which has a subgroup named Web App under which Reports and Dashboard services are listed. 

Reorder services

You can change the order in which services appear on your end-user portal from within Freshservice. 

  • Click on Reorder 
  • Click and drag services to arrange in the preferred order


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