Efficient collaboration is key to efficient incident remediation. Freshservice offers popular integrations such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, etc. powered by Freshworks’ Neo platform. 

To make use of these apps, head to Admin >> Collaborate.

In the Collaborate section, you'll notice integrations powered by the Freshworks Neo platform listed. Choose an app and integrate it with Freshservice. Check these articles for guidance:

  1. Set up Zoom Meetings for incident management
  2. Set up Microsoft Teams for incident management
  3. Set up Slack for incident management 

Once you integrate an app with Freshservice, it will be visible in the Collaborate widget on the incident detail page. In this example, MS Teams was installed by the user and is now visible in the Collaborate widget on the Incident detail page.

You can now start a meeting in MS Teams without hopping out of Freshservice.

For customers on Pro & Enterprise plans

Pro and Enterprise customers will see two more functionalities in the Collaborate widget:

  • Status Page
  • Email – when an incident is promoted to a major incident

With these quick getaways in the Collaborate widget right within the Incident or Major Incident page, users can get together and solve problems fast. Contextual collaboration minus the tool hopping powers rapid resolution.

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