Freshservice allows you to change the license type of an IT agent to a business agent to leverage the purpose-built product capabilities for business teams. However, it is important to understand how the agent being converted will be impacted, as well as the recommended process to do the same. This article helps with both these aspects. 

NOTE: As a pre-requesite to change an IT agent to a business agent you would need to buy a business agent license. Here is an article to understand the process of buying a business agent license.


Impact of changing an IT agent to a business agent

Impact on access to tickets

Given that business agents can only work on Cases/Queries/Issues/Requests, these agents will not be able to work on Incidents and Service Requests going forward. However, they can continue to view the tickets they have access to and they will be able to add private notes to these tickets.  

Restriction on access to product capabilities

They will be unable to access the following product capabilities as business agents. 

  • Problems

  • Changes

  • Releases

  • Tasks added to Problems, Changes, and Releases

  • Alerts

  • Services

  • Assets

  • Contracts

  • Purchase Orders

  • On-call Management

  • Workload Management

Impact on access to projects

Business agents can only work on business projects and not software projects. If these agents are a member of a software project, they will be removed from the project. However, they will still be able to view these projects if they are public. Apart from these projects, all other public software projects will be visible to them. 

There will be no impact on their membership in business projects and business agents will be able to work on them. 

Here is an article that highlights the exhaustive set of functionalities available for business agents.

Ways to update the license of an agent from 'IT' to 'Business'

Freshservice allows you three ways to make this update:

  • By updating the 'license type' field in the agent's profile 

  • While importing agents, the license type can be specified to be business

  • Via Agent Update API  [license_type = business]

The recommended method to update an agent from IT to Business license

If agents on the IT license are converted to business agents directly, their access to work on incidents and service requests will be immediately revoked if they are actively working in any IT workspace. To prevent this, the license type update needs to be carefully planned so that your service desk operations are not affected.

The recommended process is:

  • Create a new business workspace (in case you do not have any business workspace already) 

  • Set up the configurations such that this workspace can start receiving tickets. 

  • Publish the workspace

  • Move the existing tickets of the corresponding agents to the business workspace. Please read this article to understand the process and impact of moving tickets from one workspace to another. 

  • The agents can now be converted by going to the agent profile and changing the license type to ‘Business' 

  • Grant the required role to the business agent in the newly created business workspace 

Please reach out to for queries if any.

Updating the license from 'Business' to 'IT'

An agent's license can be changed to IT from Business anytime. The agent will not lose access to any data or admin settings and can be additionally granted access to other advanced capabilities.