In most organizations, IT support goes far and beyond just managing assets and resolving minor incidents. When incidents involve bugs, enhancements or feature requests collaboration with engineering teams becomes critical in resolving the issue. When IT Projects are run in collaboration with the developers, transparency between the teams is challenged due to their traditionally siloed structures. 

Freshservice-Freshrelease integration breaks the walls between IT and development teams by enabling IT teams to run projects with development teams to resolve issues and to deploy changes in an agile way. Incidents, problems, and changes can be associated with work items in Freshrelease projects which seamlessly enable context plugging on both ends. 

Agents can get an exact timeline of when an issue will be resolved by tracking the associated work item’s progress right from the ticket, problem or change view. Developers can view all the tickets associated with a work item to better understand and prioritize the issue at hand. 

How Can You Set up the Integration?

Step 1: Getting Started

  • Under Admin settings, navigate to Helpdesk Productivity > Freshrelease

  • If you’re new to Freshlease, hit Get started. A new Freshrelease trial account is created and integrated with your account right away, and you can start exploring the product.
  • If you have an existing Freshrelease account, click on Been using Freshrelease? Then, jump right in! to begin the integration process.

  • Now you’ll be lead to the account credentials window where you can enter your Freshrelease account’s Domain and the API key. You can find the API key under profile settings in Freshrelease.

  • Click on Authenticate to complete the integration. 

Step 2: Adding Projects to Freshservice

Engineering teams run multiple projects on Freshrelease of which very few would be relevant to IT teams. Under the Projects tab, search and add Freshrelease projects to associate work items from tickets, problems, and changes modules of Freshservice. 

Step 3: Adding Agents to Freshrelease

Under the Agents tab, search and add agents as regular users to Freshrelease who will be collaborating with the engineering teams by associating work items from Freshservice. 

Distinguishing Guest Users and Regular Users

Guest users - These users have read-only access to the projects they are invited to. They can create new items, view existing items and collaborate using comments on items. Also, they can only see the Roadmap and All Item modules inside a project.

Freshservice agents who are marked as guests inside projects won’t be charged in Freshrelease billing. However, guests who are not Freshservice agents will be charged.

Regular users - These users have complete access to the projects they are invited to. They can create new & update items, start sprints, create Kanban boards, write test cases, manage releases and much more.

Freshservice agents who are marked as regular users will be charged in Freshrelease billing. By default, when agents are added to Freshrelease via the integration, they will be regular users but admins can always convert them to guests to give them free access to Freshrelease.

Freshrelease user type

Freshrelease standalone

FS + FR linked 

Regular user



Guest user


Free (Unlimited guests)

How can Freshservice agents get free guest access to Freshrelease?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Freshrelease in Freshservice Admin Settings.

  2. Add agents to Freshrelease under the Agents tab.

  3. Go to Project Settings in Freshrelease

  4. Under “Users” click to edit the agent. Change the user type to “Guest” and Save. 

The agent will no longer be charged in Freshrelease.

Difference between Regular and Guest users in FR


Guest user



Free if FS is linked. Else, paid.


Edit work items



Be assigned work items to in FR



View work items



Search work items



Comment on work items



@mention in comments



Modify project settings


Only if they are project admins

Modify account settings


No, only account admins

Invite other users to account


No, only account admins

Create a new project


No, only account admins now. (in future, we will let all regular users create projects as well)

How Does This Integration Work?

To solve collaboration issues between IT and Engineering teams, this integration plugs context from Freshrelease to Freshservice by enabling agents to associate Freshrelease work items with tickets, problems, and changes.

To Associate a Work Item,

  • Open the ticket, problem or change you want to work on.

  • From the Associate menu, select Freshrelease Item.

  • In the Associate a Work Item window, select the project to which you want to add a work item. Please note that work items can be added only to projects you have added to Freshservice under Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Freshrelease > Projects Tab.
  • Now, enter the Work Item’s Name to either search for an existing work item or to create a new one in the Freshrelease project that you have selected. You can associate multiple tickets, problems or changes to one work item.

  • Choose a Work Item Type. (Bugs, Infrastructure issues, etc)

  • Choose an Assignee from Freshrelease. An assignee will be a user in Freshrelease to whom your work item will get assigned to.

  • Choose an Agent who is creating and associating this work item from Freshservice.

  • Click on Submit to create the work item.

To View Work Items Associated With a Ticket,

  • Open the ticket, problem or change you want to work on.

  • Click on the associations tab to view all the associated work items.

  • Click on an item to view various properties of the work item. 

  • You can also click on the work item ID to have a read-only view of it on Freshrelease. You can @mention Freshrelease users to collaborate with them here.

  • To unlink a work item,  click on it. On the Work Item Properties window, click onand select unlink. You can also unlink a work item by clicking onbutton. 

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