Localizing service desk operations is essential when your workforce is globally spread out. With Servicebot now available in all languages*, enable your agents to work on the go using the ServiceBot in the language of their choice. 

*Note: This is currently available for all languages supported by Freshservice. Check out all languages supported here.

Where do I find it?


Navigate to Slack > ServiceBot  and click on Update language 

Microsoft Teams and Slack

Update your service desk language. This will translate all buttons, labels and ticket actions on the ServiceBot.

Note: ServiceBot’s language configuration is in sync with your Freshservice account’s language preferences. This will not update the Slack language preferences. 

This is currently available for ServiceBot on all plans. If you want to support multiple languages for Virtual agent on the Enterprise plan, you can join the wait list for our GPT-powered beta to support multi-lingual conversations. Join waitlist >