Note: These features are currently in Beta and are free only until the end of Dec 2023 post-which they will be charged as a part of a paid add-on.

With improving employee engagement and productivity being top priorities for CIOs, the challenge to find the right tools to enable the same while optimizing IT costs in these uncertain economic headwinds remains open. Finding the right-sized AI and automation-powered tools to build efficient and scalable  IT service organizations with engaged employees, productive agents, and informed decision-makers remains a challenge. 

Not anymore! Introducing Freddy-AI to help you re-imagine service operations. With right-sized, enterprise-grade, and generative-AI powered Freddy-AI empower and build a high-performing workforce using the following:

  • Freddy self-service: Instant conversational support for quick resolution
  • Freddy copilot: Agent productivity and efficiency tools for smart service operations
  • Freddy insights: Proactive insights for quick decision-making.


Where can you find them?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Freddy AI > Generative AI tools.
  2. Enable the toggle for features you want to explore.

GPT-based features for Freshservice

Freddy self-service

Resolve incidents and service requests with intelligent virtual agents that are ready to start helping on day one.

Note: This is currently available in Private Beta only for Enterprise plan customers. 

Actionable response summaries  

Curated and actionable response summaries are sourced and snipped from the knowledge base to solve employees' queries accurately. Employees receive pointed summaries that match their query instead of a long-form help article. They can quickly take action, saving time lost in reading long articles and thereby improving their productivity. 

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Multi-turn conversations 

Enable continuous, two-way dialogue with employees for a more human-like experience. Employees can continue conversing about their issues until they get a satisfying response. 

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Multi-lingual Conversations

Enable multilingual responses by understanding other language queries and translating all available content into employees' preferred language. Employees can ask questions to the Virtual agent in any language and receive responses.

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Formless Conversational Experience

Get Virtual agent to fill out forms for you through a dialog and auto-create service requests from the context shared.

Freddy copilot

AI-assistance to increase agent productivity, automate responses, and drive consistency of service across the team.

Note: This is available in Beta for all Enterprise and Pro plan customers. All capabilities currently support only English. 

Reply suggester 

Enable agents to quickly respond to tickets with auto-generated replies that are sourced from help articles maintained in your knowledge base. Replies are curated according to the issue reported and are summarized from relevant help articles that match the issue. 

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Ticket summary generator 

Through the course of a ticket’s lifecycle, multiple communications occur over ticket replies that capture key decisions and milestones. Enable agents to quickly generate a summary of how a ticket was resolved by capturing the consolidated context from all ticket responses. 

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Help article generator (Available in Beta)

Auto-generate solution articles from public sources and existing tickets to deflect commonly occurring issues. 

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Freddy insights 

Note: This is available in Beta for all Enterprise and Pro plan customers. All capabilities currently support only English.

Gain new visibility into IT performance with AI-powered conversational inquiries and automatically generated recommendations.

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